We made it to Thailand friends!!! I am so excited to share how I spent my time in this beautiful country….first up Bangkok!

Exploring The Streets Of Bangkok

W Home Bangkok

Bangkok was amazing, I don’t want to say it was my favorite but reflecting on it, it just might be!! I don’t know if we just went during a good time, or if it had to do with Mandy, our amazing tour guide, but my entire family had a fantastic time even in the mist of all the heat and humidity. Now when you arrive you might not feel the same way and that’s totally okay, that’s the beauty of travel, their is no right or wrong!

Okay lets get down to exploring ……this was my itinerary and I can whole heartedly say that I would not change a damn thing!

First off do yourself a favor and book your stay at one of 4 rooms at W Home Bangkok, this B&B was our most favorite stay on our trip. Oh before I continue, if you’re looking for a lavish hotel with lots of space to roam than this place will not be for you, but if you want something special, surrounded by the locals and maybe sharing the whole place with another guest or two than you will love this place!! The rooms were super clean and cozy, breakfast was amazing, the location was perfect, the common area were you have breakfast was the cutest but what took the icing on the cake was the hospitality!! It’s been a week since we been home and over 2 weeks since our stay here and my parents are still talking about Nancy. Nancy looks after W Home Bangkok, day and night and seriously the sweetest lady we met on our entire trip. She is always smiling and always wanting to do more for her guest. Puk, the owner, always checked in on us in the morning, just making sure everything was to our liking, answering any questions or concerns. These two were so attentive and caring, you just don’t get that sort of love in big hotels.

Okay now that you have a place to stay lets talk about what you will be doing.

The Itinerary:

Day 1- After 19 hours of flight time, 2 hour layover and a 25min ride from the airport to W Home Bangkok we were exhausted. A shower, some tea and my oh so very cozy bed was all I did on day 1 in Bangkok and it was beautiful. Nighty night.

-Change your money at the airport, you’ll get the best exchange rate and there is no fee for currency exchange.

-A 25min Taxi ride in a van from the airport to our hotel cost me 700 Baht for 5ppl.

Day 2-Now this is where the fun begins! I usually never book guides on our trips, but I had my parents with me who are in their mid 60’s so I knew I had to make them as comfortable as I could.I decided to spend a little extra money and hire a personal tour guide with private transporation for two days. Let me tell she was worth every dollar, she really took care of us. I booked with Bangkok Guide Smile with Mandy. On our first day Mandy who in fact always did have a smile on her face, showed us…. 

-The Royal Grand Palace

-The Emerald Buddha Temple

-The Reclining Buddha Temple ‘Wat Pho’

-Canal Tour

-Wat Arun

-Wat Saket

-Flower Market

We were super comfortable in our private cool van. They had cold water and cold cloths for us the entire trip. It really made a difference because it’s hot up in Thailand and to think we went during there “cool season". We were dropped off around 1900 at our B&B. We had dinner by our place, a cold shower shortly followed and that concluded our first full day in Bangkok! Well that was fun!

Day 3-My most favorite day in Bangkok. Although we had an early departure with Mandy of 06:30 am it was completely worth it!! We adventured to the…

-Train Market

-Floating Market


Seriously loved every single part of this day. The train market was amazing where else will you see a market that is literally on a train track….and yes a train does pass through several times a day, but the floating market friends!!! I can’t recommend this place enough and Mandy took us to all her favorites, and it was seriously some of best food we had on our entire trip!! I know some might think Ayutthaya might not be worth the drive, but it’s so beautiful friends you will be so happy you decided to take the extra drive. Something about ancient ruins, they’re just so memorizing.

We arrived at our B&B around 20:15. We ended the night with some delicious coffee ‘Chang for the men’ reminiscing over the epic day that had just taken place. Goodnight Bangkok see you in the morning!

Day 4-Today was our last day in Bangkok and sadly we were on our own. Miss you Mandy! As I opened the doors to our balcony to my surprise…it’s raining!! What a perfect way to have some yummy breakfast in the common area while hearing the rain. Absolutely perfect!! As the rain began to slow down we decided to venture out on the busy streets of Bangkok…..we continued our day with

-Thai massages

-Exploring Chinatown

-Drinks on a High Rise Rooftop for Sunset

-Dinner at Asiatique night market

-Tuk Tuk back to B&B

Now let me warn you on two things here.

1.) You will get addicted to thai massages and for $4-10(120-300 Baht) an hour, who can really blame you haha

2.) Drinks on a high rise will come with a hefty price, these are modern fancy buildings but the views and sunset are breathtaking. Also dress code applies so check the website before you head over. Lucky for us they had pants and shoes for the hubby and pops, let me tell you, it was freaking hilarious to see two grown men changing into pants in a fancy lobby.

After the market we took a tuk tuk back to our place, which I highly recommend you do at least once. It was time to pack and get ready to head to our next destination…… Chiang Mai!!

Day 5-Catch an early flight to Chiang Mai

-A 35min Taxi ride in a van from our B&B  to Don Mueang Airport cost me 700 Baht for 5ppl

-Flight time approx 1 hour. (If you have more time you can always take an overnight train to Chiang Mai)

-I booked our flight with 12Go Asia

Bangkok you were epic, thank you for all the amazing memories!

Wander Often, Wander Always

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