The Ultimate Week In Ireland

Oh Ireland!!

Greenery for miles and miles, baby sheep on the hills, castles in every direction and sipping a pint of delicious guinness at the local pubs. Sounds dreamy right? Well pack your bags friends I am about to tell you how to spend the ultimate week in Ireland!!

Lucky for all of us you can often grab a sweet deal off Groupon for pretty much anywhere in the world. I was able to find a Groupon for 7 days in Ireland which included hotel, flight and car rental (including car insurance thank goodness) for 2 people for $2,000. The accommodation included was fantastic. Honestly it was more then we needed, it was a huge town house located in the cute little town of Adare.

My advice, if your getting a similar Groupon make sure to purchase a Groupon that includes several accommodation stops. Although we had an amazing time I wished we would have went that route instead of having just one accommodation stop. This would have given us more exploring time in the cities we really liked.

A car rental was included in the Groupon and we did decide to add car insurance, which I strongly recommend!! If you’re from the states the driving lane is on the left and steering wheel on the right. Thank goodness we did beacuse my lovely husband crashed right into a wall……apparently it came out of nowhere haha.

What to do?? So Ireland is very scenic, some of the most gorgeous scenery I have had the honor to explore. My recommendations to fill up your week in Ireland……

~Cliffs of Moher~

Now this is not to be missed my friends, like it left me completely speechless and seriously if you have time don’t skip it!! You feel like your at the edge of the world, it’s amazing!! My tip: Your instinct will be to go to the top of the cliffs to look down but the view is so much better from the side, so don’t follow the crowd and head towards the side of the cliffs instead.

~Caving In The Burren~

Honestly BOOK IT NOW!! Hands down one of the funnest days I have ever had, espcially since Micheal, our guide, totally tricked me haha sorry still laughing about it. I won’t spoil it just in case he does it to you! We booked our tour through Epic Ireland and it was such an amazing experience. My recommendation, if you are planning on booking, book several months in advance because 1) it books up fast since they are still a small company and the two owners of the company are the only ones currently doing the tours 2) They only do small groups 3)It took several weeks to get an email response. Your departure to the caves will be from Galway, which was one of the cities I loved the most and definitely want to go back to.

~Ring Of Kerry~

If you rented your own car which I hope you did, having your own car definitely comes in handy if you want to do the Ring Of Kerry. You avoid being cooped up in a large bus and being on someone elses’s schedule for hours and hours….no thank you. We started the Ring clockwise to avoid being stuck behind the tourist buses. Start early, we started the Ring by 9am and it was perfect. We were able to avoid almost all foot traffic. There are so many stops you can explore so I linked a website to help you pick your stops.

Ring Of Kerry Website 

 ~Whiskey Tour~

There are several choices for you to pick and honestly it’s whiskey tasting you can’t really go wrong with whatever distillery you pick. We went to Kilbeggan Distillery and it was absolutely the cutest!! The whiskey was strong…..oh so strong!

~Dinner At a Castle~

Medieval dinner? Why yes please!! You can enjoy a medieval dinner and show at Bunratty Castle. Not the best food I had while in Ireland, but the experience was truly one of a kind. The Mead though was absoultely delicious, make sure to buy a bottle or two to take home.

~Pub Hopping In Dublin~

So it was pretty awesome to be in Dublin on St.Patricks day, there was definitely A LOT of people but it was calm and everybody was just looking to have a good time. There are so many pubs to pick and to be honest we tried the trendy ones like Temple Bar and some others, but I honestly preferred the smaller not so trendy ones were the locals hang out and jam out to some good Irish music.

~Exploring Castles~

Make sure to set some time aside to explore some castles, my favorite Ballycarbery Castle. You actually get to climb the castle and take in the gorgeous view from the top. This was our last stop on The Ring Of Kerry. There are so many castle you can visit , here are a few you might like:

-Blarney Castle (Yes I did kiss the Blarney Stone, why not…… when in Ireland right?)

-Killkenny Castle

-Ross Castle

Now depending where you are staying you can plan my recommendations according to what best fits your scheduled. Just know if you get a chance to include it all be prepared for an amazing trip!! Like always if you have any questions for me send me an email at

Warm Wishes,

Allie Cecil

Wander Often Wander Always


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