Sooooo me and my husband bought a 1991 Vanagon last week!! Can you tell by my post title why we decided to purchase a Vanagon?

So earlier this year me and my husband had a long talk about our future and what we wish to accomplish in the next couple years. We both instantly agreed that we wanted a little more adventure in our life. We weren’t very happy working 10-11 months out of the year and only getting to travel 4-8 weeks out the year, if we were lucky. So we decided to take a huge leap!! Although we are literally at the beginning stages of our plan I decided this was the perfect time to start blogging about it so I could share from the beginning how we are planning this huge change in our lives.

So what exactly are we planning? Basically a road trip of a lifetime!! We plan on visiting all 50 states and anticipate it taking about 6-12 months to complete. We have a tentative departure of June 2019.

Why the delay? School, debit, saving and remodeling the RV. We are currently both in school and are due to graduate next Summer. Also we want to be 100% debit free which will take us another year to pay off. Being debit free is crucial to being financially stable on this trip since we both will not be working during this time. Of course there is the savings part, we want to have a good cushion since like I said before we will both be taking time off work during the duration of this trip. It will take us approximately 6 months to have a good savings for our trip. The last reason being the remodel!! Me and my husband will be doing most of the work so it will take us about 6 months to remodel our RV but currently concentrating on school and paying off debit first.

So what about are house and pups? We plan on selling our first home, something that me and my husband have been talking about for some time now. This just seemed like the right decision for us. As for the pups well they are coming with us!! Unfortunately one pup, Suko, will be heading to my moms house. He’s just so massive there wouldn’t be much room for him. But don’t worry friends he will be in good hands!

So why a Vanagon? The Vanagon is not the van we are taking on our trip we actually purchased the Vanagon to get the pups and ourselves use to being on the road. This is a pretty intense change for us all so we decided to start taking mini trips as soon as possible to build us up to being on the road full time. I will let you know which RV we are taking on the 50 states trip soon.

Pretty crazy right?? I know most of our friends and family think me and my husband are crazy. To be honest I can’t say that I don’t agree with them haha. We are already working on getting our girl on the road and   hope to take her out on our first trip within the next month or so. I will keep you updated friends as we plan more extensively in the months to follow. Thanks for stopping by!

Warm Wishes

Allie Cecil

Wander Often, Wander Always

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