We have arrived in Chiang Mai

When I decided on Chiang Mai I knew 3 things, one, I NEEDED to visit The Elephant Nature Park, two, take a Thai cooking class and three, see the sunrise from Doi Sutehep Temple. I decided a 4 night stay would be enough to be able to enjoys these things without feeling rushed.
Okay so I’m going to be completely honest with you! Friends and forums told me that Chiang Mai would be so so much better than Bangkok but I didn’t see why? I fully enjoyed the heck out of both Chiang Mai and Bangkok. They both offer so much amazingness!! So if you are trying to decide between the two I’m no help, haha I would say visit them both!
Alrighty time to explore…..

We arrived in Chiang Mai at approximately 2pm and checked into our super cute wooden Thai home. I found our accommodation through AirBnB. This place is so unique and if you are looking for something different I totally recommend you stay here.



Try the Chiang Mai noodles Khao Soi…..I crave this daily
-Thai Massages
 You know because of our super stressful day

-Explore Chiang Mai

For dinner we decided to eat at every possible street vendor we could find. 2 Spring rolls for 30baht($1) yes please, 30baht($1) for 5 dumplings of course, 30baht($1) chicken skewers well I’ll take 3. Also you would never see me without some Thai Iced Tea in my hands, ugh I miss it so much!!  It was a wonderful night but had to call it early because we had a 04:30am wake up call the next morning. Eek


-Sunrise Tour
Now I highly recommend this tour with Untouched Thailand! Although we had a pick up time of 0510am, yes you heard right! It was completely worth it. We headed up to Doi Suthep Temple and it was completely magic up there! We were the first ones there and had the temple to ourselves. Hearing the monks do their morning chat was such a cool and unforgettable moment.

The Tour Included:

-Sunrise on Doi Suthep Temple
-Offerings to Monks
-Hidden Temple
-Long Neck Tribe Village
-Khao Soi Noodle Stop
-Poo Poo Paper Factory
-Tiger Kingdom
-Bamboo Rafting
-Epic Lunch at a Local Thai Farm
-Local Grand Temple
After we were drooped off at our AirBnB around 17:00 we continued our day…
-Thai Massage
-Nap haha
-Night Bazarr

The Night Bazarr is crazy uncomfortably packed with very little locally made products. Definitely my least favorite market.

Day 3
 -Elephant Nature Park!!!!!!!!!!
I paid a little extra and did the Care for Elephants Tour which was AMAZING!!!!!! I highly recommend it. They don’t force these beautiful creatures to do what we want, they do what they want and it was truly a blessing to have experienced that.

After a full day of hanging out with elephants we headed back to our AirBnB and continued our evening….

-Thai Massage….dont judge me haha

-Explore Chiang Mai

Day 4
-Thai Cooking Class (A must)
I booked mine with Zabb E Lee and I absolutely loved this company!! Just book your class here trust me it was so much fun!

-Sunday Night Market

This market had it all, I’ve heard it gets crazy busy but we were fortunate as it wasn’t overly crowed. I loved this market the most because they had so much locally made products.

Now it’s time to head back to our AirBnB, I spent way to much money at the Sunday Night Market haha. Sadly it is time to pack because tomorrow we leave to Krabi!!!

-I booked our flight to Krabi with 12Go Asia

Chiang Mai I will miss your delicious noodles, forest walks with the most magnificent gentlest creatures on earth and eating some of the best mango sticky I have EVER had!

See you in Krabi Friends…..

Wander Often, Wander Always

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