What To Pack For Thailand

So what should you bring to Thailand? My biggest thing as I travel more and more is overpacking, I hate overpacking! We went for 17days and took enough clothes for 7days which was more than enough. It’s extremely easily to get your clothes washed in Thailand and it’s cheap!!  So what should you bring, here are my must haves!!



Tevas// I can’t express enough how much I love these sandals, they work for exploring the town, hiking and water activities.Best investment ever, seriously get yourself a pair you won’t regret it!!



Travel-Towel// These are super awesome to have because they are light weight and easy to pack. It fits into a small bag and you don’t have to worry about carrying those huge beach towels around.






Waterproof Case// For $6 you can protect your phone while you’re taking a swim, plus you can take some pretty amazing photos and videos underwater!!






Travel Backpack// I love this backpack so much, and if you’re going to be hitting the islands, which I’m sure you are, it makes it so easy to hop on and off of those long tails boats, ferries and speed boats! Also, it’s super roomy, I’ve been able to pack for myself and my husband for two weeks without a problem but most importantly it’s so comfortable!!









TSA approved Quart Size Toiletry Bag// This way you can get more than just one use out of it, unlike the ziplock bags, helping limit plastic use.





Mosquito Repellent Bracelet// No one likes to get bit by mosquitos, and after my last trip to Mexico where I got bit 62 times!!! Yes 62 times friends, I researched high and low on how to avoid that situation again. I never had a new bite on me when I had these on I swear!! I came home with only 10 bites which happened most on the first night when I didn’t have this on.






                                                Mosquito Repellent Spray// Buy this!!!!!! Enough said.






Mosquito Sticks// Haha see friends I researched like crazy on mosquito repellents, I was not about to get bit like I did in Mexico ever again!! These are awesome when your hanging out on your balcony.





Sunscreen// No one wants to turn into a lobster and babysit there sun burn while on vacation. Plus me and my husband agreed that this is by far the best sunscreen ever, we were out in the sun a lot and never once got red!! It’s amazing!!

-Side note: On my next trip I am going to try a biodegradable sunscreen that doesn’t harm our oceans reefs, I will update you on that sunscreen soon.)





Aloe Vera Gel// Just in case you do get a little red this works great to alleviate some discomfort, also works great on those pesky bug/mosquito bites.





Collapsible Water Bottle// Just make sure to ask for filtered water, this is great to help our environment in reducing plastic waste. You’ll be drinking a lot of water, make sure to stay hydrated, the Thailand sun is no joke!

-Side note: I personally didn’t like this particular water bottle, the clasp is too small, so it kept unfolding on me.




  Activated Charcoal// Never had to use these but just in case.





Slip On Shoes// Trust me on this, you will be taking your shoes on and off so just make it easy on yourself, plus these are super comfy and stylish.






                  Sunglasses//For obvious reasons





Hat// Definitely bring a hat!! A sunburned scalp is no fun.



Roxy Women's Oceanside Non-Denim Pants, Night Shadow Blue, S



Linen/Rayon Pants// I limited the amount of time I wore shorts, again trying to avoid those bugs bites, so I mostly wore linen material, rayon or light cotton pants. This material is super breathable and comfy because you will be sweating pretty much all day.







Shorts//I took one pair of jean shorts and one pair of light cotton shorts, make sure they’re are not showing those booty cheeks.





 Long Sleeve//Just one long sleeve is enough, something light and airy. It works if those shoulders need a little break from the sun and if a particular temple or sacred ground requires it. Definitely do not wear any spaghetti straps, tank tops or short shorts, when visiting temples or sacred grounds they won’t let you in, so just avoid the hassle and don’t even try.







Tank Tops/BodySuit// I would take two tank tops and two body suites. I just love the look of a body suit!!









Linen/Rayon Shirts// Take a couple of breathable, lightweight short sleeved shirts, these are great because you can wear these when visiting temples.







Cross Body Bag// A small bag to keep your sunscreen, money, cell etc. Make sure you use it as a crossover, we don’t want anyone’s bag getting snatched.





Face Mist// I will never ever travel without this!! I love this rose water hydrating mist especially in the Thailand heat, it’s an absolute must have!!






Thai PhraseBook// This phrasebook is pocket size, so it will fit right into your purse or pocket. We used the heck out of this, so I would definitely invest in purchasing it.




Lightweight Reusable Bag// I almost left home without one and so happy my brain somehow remembered to pack this. It not only comes in handy when shopping at the night markets, which you will do a lot of (eliminating the need for the locals to use a plastic bag) but once you run out of room in your backpack ummm which might have happened to me, I had plenty of room to continue shopping (sorry babe) since I had this bag haha



Okay friends, I think you are good to go!!

Happy Packing!!!





Wander Often, Wander Always










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